Every two years, the City of Federal Way prepares its biennial budget. The biennial budget is both a policy document, setting strategic priorities and goals, and a financial document that dedicates resources to various programs and services based on establish priorities.

Below, please find the City of Federal Way's Biennial Budgets.


2023/2024 Biennial Budget   2021/2022 Biennial Budget   2019/2020 Biennial Budget
2023/2024 Adopted Budget   2021/2022 Adopted Budget   2019/2020 Adopted Budget
2023/2024 Proposed Budget   2021/2022 Proposed Budget   2019/2020 Proposed Budget
Mayor's 2023/2024 Budget Presentation   Mayor's 2021/2022 Budget Presentation    
2017/2018 Biennial Budget   2015/2016 Biennial Budget    
2017/2018 Adopted Budget   2015/2016 Adopted Budget    
2017/2018 Proposed Budget   2015/2016 Proposed Budget    

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