Federal Way boasts a growing population of approximately 100,000 people within the city limits and up to 200,000 within a five-mile primary market area. While residing in a region of 3.5 million. Ethnic and cultural diversity are prominent in Federal Way, with up to one-third of the city’s residents being of Asian-American, African-American or Hispanic-American background.



Federal Way’s population was 89,306 at the 2010 Census. In 2017, its population was estimated to be 96,350 according to the State Office of Financial Management. Currently, Federal Way is the 9th largest city in Washington State. Federal Way’s population is young with over 50 percent of the population below 34 years of age.  Nearly 80 percent of the population is under 54 years of age. The largest percentage is the age group 35-54 at 28.4 percent. The smallest age group is 85 plus years of age at 1.5 percent. Only 10 percent of the population is of retirement age. Federal Way has a younger population than Seattle and Tacoma.  



Fifty percent of the state’s population is located within a
2 hour drive either north or south from Federal Way. 
Like many cities,   Federal Way’s economy suffered during
the β€œGreat Recession,” however the diversity of its
employment sectors served it well during this period as no one sector dominated the city’s economy. The City collected nearly 5,000 business licenses in 2017. 58 percent were based in Federal Way.  Of these businesses, an estimated 70 percent employ less than 5 employees. Meanwhile, 2,064 or 42 percent of the licenses collected in were from businesses located outside of Federal Way that are doing business in Federal Way.



According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5 Year Estimate 2013-2017, the Median Household Income is $62,086, the Average Household Income is $80,248 and the Per Capita Income is $30,288.



Federal Way has a diverse population.  According to the Federal Way School District, there are 111 languages spoken in the households of its students.  According to the 2010 Census, 57 percent of the population is white.  The Asian community comprises 14 percent; Black or African is 10 percent, Other Race comprises 8 percent; Two or More Races account for 7 percent of the population; Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander is three percent and Native Indian and Alaskan Native is one percent.