City of Federal Way Partners with Government Technology Group, LLC on a Broadband Planning Study

After having conducted a competitive bidding process, The City of Federal Way has selected Government Technology Group, LLC as its partner with the Broadband Planning Study. The City of Federal Way recognizes that Internet access is vital for our community to conduct many aspects of daily life including employment, education, and telehealth. In light of this, the City applied for and was awarded, a broadband planning grant by the Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB). Government Technology Group, LLC will assist the City of Federal Way in studying the demands of the community and the availability of broadband services.

To meet these needs, Government Technology Group, LLC will create a plan to assess the need for first-rate broadband and a design to enable economic development and Smart City initiatives in the years to come. The Broadband Planning Study will develop strategies for the use and deployment of broadband infrastructure for government facilities, commercial, and industrial corridors, as well as analyzing options for expanding broadband assets to the City’s residents. Government Technology Group, LLC will assist to create an inventory of existing infrastructure, identify unserved and underserved areas, and develop phased deployment strategies that correspond with planned projects. This will allow Federal Way to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness as well as prepare for the equitable distribution of future technologies for our seniors, underserved, and unserved communities. Additionally, the Broadband Planning Study will assess Federal Way’s needs for Smart City innovations including intelligent transportation, public safety innovations, telemedicine, autonomous vehicles, and other applications. Government Technology Group, LLC will provide a high-level broadband design that includes economic, institutional, and functional modeling that will enable Federal Way to pursue projects for deployment of broadband infrastructure.

Together, the City of Federal Way and Government Technology Group, LLC will develop a Broadband Planning Study that will position the city as a broadband-rich environment to attract, retain, and serve businesses and residents. A key part of this project is to assess the needs of the community therefore the city has developed a survey to be completed to help gather this data. The survey can be completed online at: The study was launched at the end of May, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. β€œThis is an exciting opportunity for the City of Federal Way. Government Technology Group, LLC will help us identify the needs of our community and design a plan to ensure robust connectivity to City facilities, public safety, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, fire stations, while equipping the City with a platform to deploy smart city technologies, address digital equity, economic development, and support future broadband applications.” Thomas Fichtner, City of Federal Way Director of Information Technology. ###

About Government Technology Group, LLC Government Technology Group, LLC provides planning, engineering, grant development, implementation, and management of the fastest, most technologically advanced fiber and broadband networks. Our mission is to connect every community, one at a time, to the digital economy so that no one is left behind. Our work ensures that communities can access every opportunity the Internet has to offer so they can thrive in the connected world. We work for municipalities, utilities, co-ops and regional governments, but serve any organization that is building fiber and broadband infrastructure.

Steve McNey