April 20, 2022 


City passes First Reading of measure to protect bus drivers, passengers, and the general public from dangerous substance Fentanyl - Final Passage Expected May 3, 2022.

Last night, in a unanimous decision, the Federal Way City Council Passed Council Bill #813, prohibiting the use of Fentanyl in public spaces.

This groundbreaking ordinance is a first of its kind in the Puget Sound Region and will protect bus drivers, passengers, and the public from the dangerous and deadly smoking of Fentanyl in public spaces.  Rooted in the reckless endangerment statute, the City of Federal Way acted to do everything possible to stop riders of public transit and the general public in public spaces from being exposed to harmful fumes from one of the most dangerous narcotics in the world.

 β€œThis Ordinance will be an important tool for our Police Officers to protect workers and families. No one should be subjected to Fentanyl smoke while riding public transit or in public spaces,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell.  β€œUnlike other substances, inhalation from Fentanyl smoke causes serious health risks, including the potential for death.  If someone uses this drug in a public space, exposing children, families, and commuters, we will put a stop to it,” Ferrell continued.

The Second Reading and Final Passage of Council Bill #813 is expected at the Regular Meeting of the Federal Way City Council on May 3, 2022, at 6:30 PM.

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