The City’s Role with Light Rail

The extension of the Link Light Rail and the proposed new light rail stations (including parking garages) are Sound Transit projects. The City is working closely with Sound Transit during the construction project by sharing information, providing input on how to build a better project for the future, and other construction and planning related issues that may affect our community, businesses, and residents. This informational page is meant to serve as a clearinghouse for There are three Sound Transit projects that involve the City of Federal Way.

  • Federal Way Link Extension: This project has been approved by the Sound Transit Board of Directors. The City of Federal Way is reviewing construction drawings and is responsible for issuing construction permits for the project. Demolition of Sound Transit-owned buildings along S 320th St. Watch the virtual ground-breaking event for the Federal Way Link Extension by clicking here.  

  • Tacoma Dome Link Extension: This project is in the planning and environmental review phase. The City is planning for the future and providing information to support Sound Transit in finding the correct alternative for a light rail station in South Federal Way.

  • Operations and Maintenace Facility (OMF) South: This project is in the site selection phase. Three sites have been moved forward by the Sound Transit Board for environmental review, two of these sites are located in Federal Way. The City of Federal Way strongly supports the option of building this facility on the Midway Landfill in Kent.

Federal Way Link Extension (FWLE)

This project will extend Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail system from Angle Lake Station in SeaTac to the Federal Way Transit Center. The new light rail station and parking garage addition is expected to open in 2024.

Recent Activities

  • Sound Transit has selected the alignment for the Federal Way Link Extension and the station location in the Federal Way City Center.
  • Significant construction activity is currently taking place.
  • Sound Transit is currently engaged with its contractor, Kiewit Construction, and multiple agencies having permitting jurisdiction, including the City of Federal Way and WSDOT, in the design of the link extension.
  • Most of the light rail line that is built in Federal Way is located in the right-of-way of I-5 and is permitted by WSDOT and not the City.
  • Get more information on the Federal Way Link Extension.

    See the Environmental Impact Statement.

Tacoma Dome Link Extension (TDLE)​

This project will extend Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail system from the Federal Way Transit Center to near the Tacoma Dome. The scope of the project includes a new station and associated parking improvements in the South Federal Way area. The project is currently in the planning phase with site selection and a decision on whether to proceed with the project expected in 2022. If the Sound Transit Board moves the project forward, the station and light rail line is expected to open in 2030.

Recent Activities

  • The City of Federal Way has partnered with Sound Transit to do public outreach to find out what the future station area should like in the opinion of the Federal Way community! Visit the project website.
  • The Sound Transit Board has identified alternative alignments and station locations for study in the SEPA and NEPA environmental review process. The Federal Way alignment will be mostly in the I-5 right-of-way, extending out to connect to the future station, if required, and then returning to I-5 to continue south to Fife.
  • The Sound Transit Board has identified a preferred alternative for the station in South Federal Way – the west side of Enchanted Parkway at the intersection of 352nd Street. Alternatively, the area along I-5 near 356th and the Jet Chevrolet property is being considered as a station area in the environmental review process.

Get more information on the Tacoma Dome Link Extension.

Schedule for the Federal Way and Tacoma Dome Link Extensions

The schedule below is based on current information available to the City. The Sound Transit Board, delays in the construction process, funding challenges, or other unknown events may alter the schedule.