Landscape & Vegetation Maintenance
The city and property owners share the responsibility to maintain landscapes, trees, and vegetation within the public rights-of-way all the way to the edge of the street.
Shoulder mowing is performed by city crews from spring through early fall (click here for map).
Formal landscaping and planter strips within residential neighborhoods are the responsibility of the adjacent property owners. The city maintains most of the landscaping along major arterials (click here for map).
All landscaping is required to be maintained in order to allow for free and clear use of the right-of-way. At a minimum, there must be a vertical clearance of eight (8) feet over the sidewalk/walkways and fourteen (14) feet over the roadway. Additional trimming/removal may be required for sight distance at intersections.
City code section 4.35 (found here) provides more details on laws related to significant landscape removal and replacement.
From time to time, the city will perform private vegetation trimming to provide free and clear use of the right-of-way. Property owners will be given an opportunity to self-trim their trees/vegetation prior to the city completing the work.
Private Property Trees and Shrubs encroaching Right-of-way - TRIM NOTIFICATION