Division Responsibilities

The Prosecution Division prosecutes misdemeanor violations and infractions in Federal Way Municipal Court. Felonies that occur in Federal Way are prosecuted by the King County prosecutor at the Regional Justice Center in Kent. 

Please contact the prosecutor’s office to: 

  • Deliver prosecutor’s copies of pleadings 
  • Inquire about the status of a case 
  • Respond to a subpoena
  • Respond to an asset forfeiture hearing notice
  • Talk to the domestic violence victim liaison

Municipal Court Inquiries
Please contact the Federal Way Municipal Court to: 

  • Inquire about hearing dates 
  • Ask about a red light ticket
  • Pay a fine 
  • Quash a bench warrant
  • Respond to a traffic infraction
  • Screen for a public defender

If you are represented by an attorney, please contact them about your case. If you have been assigned to the public defender, please call 253-859-8840, or email legal@sbmhlaw.com.