Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services include technical services, support, and enhancements to the city's information technology systems. These services cover all data processing hardware and software including applications, operating systems, special systems, networks, LAN/WAN/MAN, staff training, equipment acquisitions, contract/project management, database administration, programming and all other items related to city's computing needs.

Communication Services

Communication Services include technical services, support, maintenance and enhancements for city telephone systems, cellular phones, pagers, radio equipment, building wiring and all other communications-related needs.

Geographical Information System (GIS) services

Geographical Information System (GIS) services include developing and maintaining the city’s spatial database, producing maps, analyzing data, generating reports, providing staff training, and developing user-friendly interfaces for staff and public to the city’s GIS. This division provides production and support resources to all city departments.

A/V, Government Access Channel (GAC) & Cable Rate Services

A/V, Government Access Channel (GAC) & Cable Rate Services include local government information broadcasting (livebroadcast City Council meetings and taped video programs, as well as news, events, and general city information via billboardtype messages). In addition, the division oversees cable TV franchise agreements and regulations, and is responsible for coordinating and responding to citizens' complaints regarding cable services.

Internet, Intranet, & Web Services

Internet, Intranet, & Web Services include developing and maintaining the city’s web, FTP, SMTP, VPN, and IGN services; providing training for staff; monitoring system security; developing interfaces; and integrating internal systems with Internet services. We will continue to enhance our web services, to include more online documents, applications, and forms; online payments; and e-commerce.