2018 Updates
The City of Federal Way will be reviewing three request/proposals for comprehensive plan amendments and rezone. The requests are: a comprehensive plan amendment and rezone for 26 parcels in the Milton Road area east of I-5; a request for a comprehensive plan amendment to realign the future extension of South 324th Street: and a request from Shelter Resources to change the comprehensive plan and zoning designation of two parcels (Shelter Resources withdrawn).

Adopted Ordinances

Milton Road Area Legislative Rezone -- Ordinance 19-866
South 324th Street Extension Realignment -- Ordinance 19-865


Meeting Notices

Meeting Documents

City Council 2nd Reading
April 2, 2019
Agenda and Staff Reports
LUTC Special Meeting with
Planning Commission
March 29, 2019
City Council 1st Reading
March 19, 2019
Agenda and Staff Reports
Land Use/Transportation Committee (LUTC)
March 4, 2019


Future Realignment of S 324th St Extension

Milton Road Amendment and Rezone

Planning Commission Public Hearing
February 20, 2019


Agenda Packet
Includes Staff Reports & Exhibits

Planning Commission Study Session
February 6, 2019


Power Point Presentation (pdf)

Milton Road Rezone Timeline

South 324th Street Realignment Relevant Documents

Milton Road Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone Relevant Documents


Process Description

Yearly Application – The Federal Way Revised Code (FWRC) requires the city to accept applications for amendments to the Federal Way Comprehensive Plan (FWCP) text and map (citizen-initiated site-specific requests) on an annual basis. The deadline for applications is September 30th of each year.

Formal Process β€“ The city will notify all applicants that their request is going forward for further study and consideration and that review fees must be paid at this time. Please see below for additional specific steps in the process.

Public Participation β€“ The city will prepare a list of β€œInterested Citizens” based on written and oral testimony. Whenever new written reports (such as a threshold determination under the State Environmental Policy Act [SEPA] or staff reports) are available, they will be placed on this website and interested citizens will be notified of their availability by email (preferably). In addition, citizens will be notified by email that hearings or meetings have been scheduled.

Steps in the Formal Process

SEPA Issued (14 day comment and 21 appeal period)

City’s public notification process will occur as follows:

  • Public notice in the Federal Way Mirror.
  • Notice shall be posted on the official city public notice boards (City Hall and libraries).
  • All sites will be posted.
  • A copy will be sent to the persons receiving the property tax statements for all property within 300 feet of each boundary of the subject property.

Planning Commission Public Hearing


Public Notice given as above.
LUTC Meeting

Notification given via the City Clerk’s page via the following Public Notices link:

City Council 1st Reading

Notification given via the City Clerk’s page via the following Public Notices link:

City Council 2nd Reading

Notification given via the City Clerk’s page via the following Public Notices link: