Downloading and Viewing

Below you will find pre-made maps that are available for free download as well as links to additional resources. Pre-made maps are in portable document format (PDF) and can be viewed using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.



For information on a specific property's boundaries, please reference self-mapping applications such as King County's iMap and property search tool. Easement and other property inquiries can be directed to the Land Use Department.

Plat maps are available at the Permit Counter at City Hall. Assessor maps are available from the King County Assessor's Office.




Federal Way Streets and ROW

Right-of-Way, with all streets labeled.

(36" X 48")



Parks & Recreation

Coming soon!


Community Development


Annexation History

History of Annexations in Federal Way since 1994.

(36" X 48")


Comprehensive Plan

Citywide Comprehensive Plan classifications and special conditions.

(36" X 48")


Current Land Use

Citywide Land Use classifications

(36" X 48")



Citywide zoning classifications and parcels.

(36" X 28")


Shoreline Designations

Citywide Shoreline Environment Designations

(36" X 48")


Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Citywide Environmental Sensitive Areas

(36" X 48")


Public Works


Average Daily Traffic

Traffic Volumes at various locations throughout the City

(36" X 48")


Snow Plow Routes

Priority routes for snowplow service

(8" X 11")


Pavement Overlay

Pavement overlay for paving Right-of-Ways

(36" X 48")


Street Sweeping Routes

Scheduled routes for street sweeping

(36" X 48")