Programs - Traffic Division

Transportation Planning


Development Review
The Traffic Division reviews and analyzes traffic impacts of development and issues related to residential and commercial permit applications.

Development Review Resources:

Report a concern with signs, curb/pavement markings, traffic signals, flashing beacons, or street lighting by phone at (253) 835-2700 or online.

Neighborhood Traffic Safety (NTS) 
The Neighborhood Traffic Safety (NTS) Program is designed to provide existing Federal Way residential neighborhoods opportunities to control traffic speeds, reduce cut-through traffic and improve documented pedestrian and vehicular safety issues.

Traffic Counts
The City of Federal Way collects two types of traffic counts, Turning Movement Counts (turning movements at intersections during the evening peak rush-hour between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm) and Average Daily Traffic (a unit of measure for traffic on a roadway taken at mid-block, representing the average total traffic volume in any single day). These counts can be accessed by going to the Traffic Count Map.