Required Permits

Any new or refaced commercial sign requires a sign permit (view sample sign plans). With some exceptions, they must meet specific construction standards.The Federal Way Revised Code (FWRC) outlines construction standards.

This handout outlines some of the relevant sections of the FWRC. Temporary signs, like banners and some A-boards, require a temporary sign permit. A-boards and other small signs that are illegally placed may be confiscated by the Code Compliance Division.

Please read the information below about what types of signs are allowed and where they may be placed. 

 Contact the Permit Center at 253.835.2607 or email for further information. 

The sign code includes exemptions (meaning a permit is not required) for certain types of signs, including some A-boards.

Sign Requirements and Locations
While most signs for a business must be placed on the property, building, or suite of the business it is advertising, some signs are allowed in residential zones, and others are subject to special regulations: