The Department of Community Development provides the following services: 

  • Building Division - Administers and enforces building codes for construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and signs, including plan review and inspection.
  • Code Compliance - Enforces land use and building code provisions to abate illegal and/or nuisance conditions throughout the City.
  • Permit Center - The Permit Center offers information and assistance with all types of construction and land development permits in Federal Way. Staff is available to answer questions about property, zoning, permits, signs, and code requirements, and to help you determine which permits and processes are needed for a proposed project.
  • Planning Division - Administers and enforces land use, subdivision, and environmental codes and policies. In addition, the division performs long-range planning and policy work, including comprehensive plan updates and amendments, code revisions, and annexations, as well as subarea and/or special planning projects.
  • Community (Human) Services Division - Assists our community with providing funding for critical services for low- or moderately-low income citizens. Supports community non-profit groups through grant funding. The division does not provide direct services to clients.  Housing Repair Program for  low- or moderately-low income homeowners in the City of Federal Way city limits.
  • Passports - Provides information and accepts passport applications at the Receptionist desk on the second floor of City Hall.
  • Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) - The Land Use / Transportation Committee (LUTC) is a City Council Committee that reviews issues regarding land use, streets, and traffic. The department provides LUTC with technical support.
  • Planning Commission - The Planning Commission provides recommendations to the City Council regarding land use policies, including the Federal Way Comprehensive Plan and Map and zoning code amendments (Federal Way Revised Code). The department provides the Commission technical and administrative support.

Comprehensive Plan Updates
The Federal Way Revised Code (FWRC) requires the city to accept applications for amendments to the Federal Way Comprehensive Plan (FWCP) text and map (citizen-initiated site-specific requests) on an annual basis. Information about the most recent updates may be found here.