Community Crime Map 

Community Crime Map is an online tool that combines the value of police data with Google-based mapping. It allows the public to see criminal activity near an address, neighborhood, or in a section of the city. The public may sign up to receive free email alerts based on user-defined parameters such as: geography, crime types, frequency, date, etc. Community Crime Map obtains case report information from Federal Way's records management system. Federal Way officers take about 18,000 case reports per year and respond to approximately 70,000 calls for services per year.

Please follow this link to view the Community Crime Map: CLICK HERE

What information is available about an incident?

  • Type of incident such as Burglary, Theft of Vehicle, Theft from Vehicle etc.
  • Case report number
  • Date & time the incident was reported
  • Location of the incident rounded to the hundred block

Is Registered Sex Offender information available?

  •  Sex Offender information can be viewed in Community Crime Map and is provided by the State Sex Offender Registry.    

How often is data updated in Community Crime Map?

  • Data is automatically updated several times a day.  

Contact Info:

Jennifer McNeill
Crime Analyst Program Coordinator